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Boiled Peanuts: Store-Bought Edition

Though I’ve raved before about boiled peanuts, I never thought I’d have to break down and have the supermarket version. But on a recent business trip to Florida, I was without a car but with a supermarket in the close distance. What did I do? I ran in the store, picked up a giant bag of Cajun-spiced boiled peanuts, paid my $5.99 (steeper than I expected, but who cares?), and ran out the door back to work.

The verdict: Surprisingly delicious! These particular peanuts were from Hardy Farms in Georgia, and though I thought it odd to truck in boiled peanuts from another state when delicious ones are being made just a few miles down the road, I was grinning.

These spicy puppies are refrigerated when purchased, but much tastier warm. Simply pop a bunch in a bowl and microwave them up, and voila! Disgusting-looking and messy, they’re not for everyone. But boy, when you pop open those shells and shoot the peanuts and spicy liquid like an oyster, it’s all so worth it.

These are so much better than canned, which I’ve had as well. The canned versions are oddly briny, too moist, and purple. I imagine there are quite a few preservatives to make them last, because even a refrigerated bag of peanuts only lasts two weeks.

Sure, I’d still take a sketchy bag made fresh by the side of the road over the kind purchased at Publix, but when given the choice of refrigerated peanuts or none at all, this refrigerated variety wins out by a mile! If you don’t have the chance to stop by the side of the road in Florida and pick up a fresh batch from steaming copper cauldrons, don’t miss this regional specialty in the salad section. Hey, they’re legumes after all.



Boiled peanuts are a southern specialty, and are sold fresh in Ziploc bags, refrigerated in plastic bundles, or canned.

A 16-32oz. bag runs you $3-$7.

Comes in regular or Cajun/Hot & Spicy flavors.