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Blue Moon Ice Cream: It's a Bird! It's a Beer-Flavored Ice Cream! No, it's a Deliciously Indescribable, Light-Blue Ice Cream Flavor!

Blue moon is a mysterious flavor of ice cream that is almost exclusively available in the Midwest, and specifically in the Northeast/Central Midwest. Part of the allure of this sweet flavor is not the baby blue color, but the fact is that no one actually knows what’s in it! Proving it’s the stuff of much debate, I wandered across a description years ago:

"The flavor apparently originated in or near Milwaukee, Wisconsin in the 1950s. Still only available in the Midwest, I’ve had cones of it in Wisconsin, Illinois, and Ohio. It’s also popular in Michigan, Indiana, Minnesota, and even Iowa (or so I hear). Sightings have been spotted in Western Pennsylvania and Florida. And yes, it tastes different depending on where you buy it, but never, ever will anyone tell you what’s in it!"

From my personal experience, the perfect blue moon is smooth and creamy with a light blue color. No chunks of pineapple, cereal, or marshmallows should be present at any point in time. The taste, often described as tasting like Fruit Loops, Amaretto, pistachio, "blueness," Crème de cacao, or vanilla is a bit off. To me it has an almondy flavor with possible citrus tones. People have attempted making it, but many recipes call for Blue Curacao or other oddities which fail to reproduce the flavor.

If you’d like to have some pints shipped to your door and also happen to be floating in money, you can spend about $64 for 6 pints at the following locations:

Ashby’s Sterling Ice Cream
Babcock Hall Dairy Store (U. of Wisconsin)
Door County Ice Cream Factory
Uncle Harry’s Ice Cream (which also has the equally-rare Black Licorice ice cream)
Cedar Crest Ice Cream

I've only tasted Ashby's because I know the guys over there, but I can't be certain on the authenticity of everyone's blue moon; I only know what I have researched. There are many more places that offer Blue Moon on the web, but one can never be sure. Chocolate Shoppe, for example, offers Blue Moon…but their ingredients list looks suspiciously like flavorless ice cream with blue food coloring. I just don’t trust it. Make sure you’re getting smooth Blue Moon and not frozen custard, Italian ice, or soft serve. Sometimes you’ll even find a flavor in Canada and the Midwest called “Superman,” which sometimes has scant amounts of blue moon swirled with raspberry and lemon ice creams, but most often it’s actually blue raspberry flavor. Besides, it’s not a substitute for the real thing. I long for this flavor I haven’t had in five years. Don’t miss out on having a cone if you’re driving through the Midwest, and good luck with the hunt!

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