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Don’t Make War, Make Whoopie Pies

Whoopie Pies (It’s a Maine thing). Ever had one? Those two chocolate cake half-domes filled with a body-stopping dose of sugary, marshmallow fluff whip? If you have, you know how amazing they are, and if you haven’t, once again, you’re missing out.

Althought whoopie pies are synonymous with Mainers, they actually hail from Pennsylvania Dutch Country. Perhaps the Amish farmers had a surplus of sugar and marshmallows one day and decided to whip up a treat that would nearly guarantee the whole community would get diabetes. Why ever did they do it, and then let the Mainers steal it and use it as their state dessert? I don’t know; you’ll have to ask them. I’ve never actually compared an Amish whoopie pie with a Maine one, so I look forward to doing that one day.

Whoopie pies are made by cooking chocolate cake-like cookies. Dark brown and full of cocoa, they must be made perfectly to withstand the filling. The filling, made from marshmallow fluff, shortening, and sugar, among other things, is so thick that you can almost literally feel it clogging your arteries and never moving. Two baked but moist cookies, with a raised drop cookie look, securely hold the fluffy filling until the first bite. It’s then useless to try to eat them without multiple napkins. A huge glass of milk is also needed nearby, as these prize cookie-cakes demand more to wash it down than a Cadbury egg. Seriously, these things are so sweet, but they’ll leave you smiling.

Hannaford, a Maine supermarket chain that’s expanded all the way to New York state, has started bringing whoopie pies to the common folk. Flavors such as pumpkin and cream cheese, red velvet cake, and reverse (vanilla cake with chocolate whip) have been showing up around town, and I’m not sure what to think. Well, I like ‘em, but I’m not sure if the Mainers and Amish agree with these new twists. I recommend you either make them from scratch or go to PA and ME for fresh ones. The day you have your first homemade pie, be prepared for a sugar shock. But it’ll be a good day.

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