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Product Review: B Sweet's Frozen Bread Pudding

A new line of frozen heat-and-eat bread puddings is available at Target stores across the country. B Sweet's rep reached out to me and asked if the Eat This Review team would be willing to review their convenient treats. “Sure,” I said. “But I’m warning you—I’m not much of a bread pudding fan.” She convinced me that she hadn’t been either, but that these might convert me.

Soon after, I received their four flavors of frozen treats in the mail. Not your grandmother’s plain old bread pudding (though maybe your grandma makes a mean one—I can’t say), these treats come in four unique flavors that I’ve never even seen associated with such a desserts: Applie Pie, Cookies ‘n’ Cream, Fudge Brownie, and Glazed Donut. Glazed donut! Not a fan of bread pudding, even I was excited to try such a flavor.

While I suspect one is not supposed to eat the treats frozen, they appeared so ice-cream like that all the taste-testers did. Also, the ingredients list is so long and full of unheard of ingredients (as are most heat-and-eat treats), we figured there wasn’t much raw egg in there to kill us anyhow. Chunky but not bad, we concluded. Well, it is made of bread.

One simply takes the pint-sized treat out of the freezer, peels off the plastic seal, and heats the whole shebang in the microwave for about 4 ½ minutes. Carefully removing the hot cardboard container from the microwave, we tasted each flavor both warm and cold—as if just out of the oven or after setting in the refrigerator. Funny enough, the best case scenario was different for the different flavors.

The whole team preferred the Apple Pie flavor warm, just about 10 minutes after resting from being “cooked.” The caramel drizzle made for a nice flavor addition. I also enjoyed the Cookies ‘n’ Cream flavor slightly warm, as it made the cookie bits stand out. Everyone thought the Fudge Brownie wasn’t great hot or cold, and the Glazed Donut was better cold.

Texturally and creatively, the company did pretty well with this invention. But like most heat-and-eat treats, it just didn’t cut it when it comes to taste or nutrition. Like a Ben & Jerry’s pint that is supposed to serve way too many people (does anyone ever get more than 3 servings out of those things?!), these containers are made to serve 4. It seems unlikely, though the stuff is rich. Perhaps even more so than rich, many of them tasted slightly chemically and far too sweet. I know it’s a dessert, but the amount of sugar in these things could probably kill a baby elephant. Just trust us: every single taste taster, including one teen, felt that the sugar had been way overdone here, making it hard to taste the actual essence of the dish. And at 25% of your saturated fat intake for the day, those sweeteners and chemicals aren’t really helping your body. Not that a dessert should, but the paragraph-long ingredient list on each container scared us all a bit.

As we’ve stated before on Eat This review, heat-and-eat desserts are no easy feat, and nor should they be. If one could avoid baking a cake, cooking a filling, and whipping up a frosting by instead heating something in the microwave for a few minutes, who wouldn’t? But we don’t because the taste is simply not there. Maybe it never will be. Whatever happens, microwaveable cakes have yet to be made successfully. The Apple Pie and Glazed Donut flavors were surely tasty, but every tester found the other flavors too artificial tasting. All the flavors put us in a state of sugar shock.

Try if you dare, but be forewarned if you’re diabetic—or planning on not being.

B Sweet Frozen Bread Pudding

Each 12 oz. container retails for around $4.99 at 250 different Target stores around the country. You can find them in your frozen section. Want to find a store locator? Use this handy page.

Flavors: Apple Pie, Glazed Donut, Fudge Brownie, Cookies ‘n’ Cream, and 16 more I haven't yet tried.

Visit their site here for more information.