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Product Review: Jen & Joe’s Cookie Dough Steals the Show

Jen & Joe’s Cookie Dough cookies are the are-you-sure-these-aren’t-homemade stuff of our dreams. I’ll tell you right away what we loved about them instead of waxing non-poetically about these deliciously sweet desserts.

The texture: chewy, moist, and with the perfect mouthfeel.

The look: not perfect—which is perfect. They’re homemade-looking, not suspiciously factory formed. Varied. Some spread more than others, and some crackle nicely on top (like the Snickerdoodle).

The taste: warm, filling, and sweet. Hey, if I didn’t want it sweet, I’d have ordered a bran muffin.

The flavors: A nice variety with good touches outside the norm. Even the standard chocolate chip is a beautifully tasty chocolate chunk cookie with a pleasing sugar crystal crunch coating.

Honestly, I don’t think any of the Eat This Review tasters have ever had any kind of prepared cookie dough as good as these—and these are frozen, so there is no work involved. Unless, of course, you’re package-opening challenged. One does have to open the box and place the frozen cookies on the sheet.*              *No taste testers at ETR were injured during this process.

 Jen & Joe’s is really all about Jen. Joe rhymes with dough and is married to Jen, so he was a lucky shoe-in. But Jen, having tinkered in the kitchen and even learned math from baking cookies, is the mind behind the company. She even attended pastry school, but has set her sights—thus far—on creative cookie flavors.

These are the few cookies I’ve ever had that look better in person than the package indicates. The Chocolate Chunk is thick and chewy, not flat as the package would indicate—but this can vary from oven to oven. And really, we loved the packaging. It’s simple, colorful, and clear.

The Oatmeal Toffee was our favorite—extremely chewy, filling, and sticky-sweet. The White Chocolate Wasabi is their most daring-sounding cookie, but to most of us it was just a good white chocolate chew—the wasabi was hard to detect. What was easy to detect, however, were the lingering savory flavors of the Chocolate Spice. It’s the Chinese 5 spice of cookies. The Lemon Drop and Snickerdoodle were fairly standard, but much chewier and tastier than I usually manage to make at home. The Chocolate Chunk is wonderfully lumpy, with all the melty chocolate chunks one would want, a chewy bite, and a satisfying crunch of sugar on top. Usually chocolate chip is boring, but these exceeded my expectations.

No defrosting is necessary. You simply open the box and the cardboard/plastic wrapper, then pop the frozen cookie dough balls onto a nonstick baking sheet for 10-15 minutes at 350 or 375 degrees (times vary). No defrosting. No waiting for butter and eggs to be the right temperature. It’s so easy that you’ve heard everything I could say could do it, could do it. Really, it shouldn’t be this easy to have delicious and homemade cookies (because there really aren’t any artificial ingredients in these puppies—especially when compared to a package of Betty Crocker mix). It’s going to make all of us lazy.

Flavors I’d love to see from Jen & Joe’s Cookie Dough in the future? I’m sure they have a bunch cooking up their sleeves, but I’d love to see a Blueberry Balsamic or Cream Cheese Berry Truffled Swirl. Or a Blackberry-Citrus Bramble. Or a Caramel Brownie. Heck, anyone can come up with ideas, but Jen actually makes them happen—deliciously. I wouldn’t hesitate to serve these to my family, bring them to a get-together, or eat them any time of day. They’re delicious and literally—literally­—as good as homemade, with a heck of a lot less effort. Jen & Joe’s Cookie Dough for the win.


Visit Jen & Joe’s Cookie Dough on their nicely done website here.

Orders can be made online here, with packages available at select markets throughout the U.S. See if there’s an outlet near you on their site.

12-packs are available in 6 flavors: Chocolate Spice, White Chocolate Wasabi, Lemon Drop, Chocolate Chunk, Snickerdoodle, and Oatmeal Toffee.