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Product Review: Balsamic Vinegars from House of Balsamic

If you’re looking for delicious, affordable, and not-too-sweet balsamic vinegars in delightful flavors, then look no further than House of Balsamic. With eye-catching packaging and flavors like fig, white, and mint, no one will go bored when it comes to cooking and flavoring your cooking.

Whether you’re looking to spice up a Brussels sprouts-onion hash or putting a finishing glaze on a good cut of beef, the quality and variety of House of Balsamic’s fancy flavored vinegars will secure a spot on your shelf.

Just a week after the ETR team spotted this unique, asymmetrical packaging on a local store shelf, a representative from HoB stopped me while at a fancy food show. Coincidence? Fate, methinks.

I was sent a package of several mini-bottles with a delightful array of flavors, including:

White balsamic

Apple balsamic

Fig balsamic

Orange balsamic

Mint balsamic

Traditional balsamic


These vinegars are so versatile, they can be used from everything to cheese-prosciutto-melon wraps to main dishes and strawberry-balsamic-ice cream desserts. Fig was my personal favorite, though white wasn’t too far behind. While the white balsamic may have you thinking “mellow,” it actually offered another side of balsamic: less biting and a bit less acidic, but more of a hearty, rich flavor. 

Dipping bread into any of these will make your day, though they’re sublime in anything cooked as well. The apple is magnificent, and the traditional is delicious. Mint may be harder to utilize, but how cool is it to have? Guests especially loved sampling all the flavors when served with a good, crusty, chewy baguette.

In addition to the larger bottles being an eye-catching addition to your spice/condiments cabinet or table, the flavors provided are solid, and will without a doubt lend multi-layered finishing flavors to both sweet and savory dishes.

House of Balsamic sells more than just balsamics: They have balsamic jelly, spreads, dips, breads, pastas, rices, oils, and much more. I tried the balsamic jelly at one of the year's shows, and while I can't say the texture was very different from popping boba, I can say I definitely prefer standard liquid form. Admittedly, "caviars" and popping condiments are all the rage.

Balsamic vinegars can be purchased in grocery and specialty food markets, and also online. 

Prices range from around $12 for 3-oz. bottles to over $500 (and that’s for a 100-year-old bottle of balsamic!).