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Product Review: Chocolate Cake that will Bring Tears to Your Eyes (for all the Wrong Reasons)

Cake That! Single-Serve Chocolate Cake from Old World Gourmet

It is with great sadness that we bring you a review of Cake That!, an adorable but ultimately sacrilegious concoction of individual-sized, heat-and-eat cake. To say that it tasted bad—or even slightly chemically—would be an understatement.

Though the folks at Cake That!, part of OWG (Old World Gourmet), were extremely nice, I cannot truthfully give anything but a negative review of their product. Geared to middle-aged women who have little to look forward to in life except for chocolate, these heat-and-et, coffee cup-shaped cakes are actually a great idea for work. Who wouldn’t want to indulge in the middle of the day while at work? Simply add 5 tablespoons of milk, lightly stir, and heat for 75 seconds. What could go wrong?

The problem, unfortunately, lies in the taste. Which unfortunately, in the case of food, constitutes a rather large percentage of the reason people eat. And if this is for indulgence, shouldn’t it be even that much better?

Heat-and-eat foods are no easy feat. In general, the calculated mixing and cooking of something for an hour in an oven is not simple to replicate in a few minutes via microwave. Nor should it be. Cake That! may be God’s way of saying it can’t be done. Though easy to make and delicious-smelling, our servings bordered on inedible. It was the gummy, overly chewy, not-really-cake texture that got us. Well, the layer upon layer of chemical aftertaste didn’t help either. “I think I just ate bleu cheese,” one taster commented. “The first taste isn’t bad, but then it turns spongy and…no.” said another. It was certainly a chemically, soapy concoction that we cooked up, and maybe that’s just how heat-and-eat goods are. I actually can’t think of a food that does taste good when cooked in a microwave. It simply isn’t natural, and I ‘m not convinced it can—or should—be done. To boot, this product is absolutely terrible for you. The first—first!—ingredient is confectioners sugar. It’s followed by bleached flour. A half serving—less than 3 ounces—contains 47 grams of sugar. I don’t even know what to say except that the daily recommended sugar intake for women is no more than 20 grams. Oy. The frothy concoction after emerging from the microwave

I’m sorry I may be destroying some dreams or providing a less-than-stellar review of this product, but the Eat This Review team had no choice. If you so desire to taste this product (though as of summer 2014, it cannot be found on the site), please do let us know if you have a satisfactory experience. We’d be very interested to know.

Peace be with you.

Cake That!, when in stock, retails for less than $5 for a 3-6-oz. serving (before and after cooking with milk you add).