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Product Review: Mama’s In The Kitchen Honey Fried Chicken Breading

When I arrived to one of the most recent foods shows, a fellow ETR taster ran up to me. “You have to try this honey fried chicken breading!” he exclaimed. “It’s so stupidly simple, but I’m addicted.” He led me to the small table, which was hard to see due to the hoards of people crowded around it. Behind the table were three family members—Mama, her husband, and her son--touting just one product: Mama’s In The Kitchen Honey Fried Chicken Breading.

Yellow-golden chunks of fresh fried chicken, tater tots, and fries with toothpicks were put out, but platefuls disappeared within 30 seconds. Here was a family company doing just one thing, but they were doing that one thing so right. We were given a good-sized bag to try out at home.

Hailing from Wilmington, Delaware, Mama’s In The Kitchen is a family-run catering company that decided to package their best seller. The instructions are easy: Shake raw chicken in a bag with the breading, chill, coat again, and either deep fry or oven fry. The same goes for potatoes, French fries, vegetables, tofu* (*this has not been tested), cheese curd, and more. When you pop a bite of any food with this sweet-and-savory fine breading, you just feel warm and southern all over. It’s homey, it’s easy, and it’s actually not that bad for you at all if you go the baking route. Made with different kinds of flours, and spices such as turmeric, honey powder, and cayenne, this will make nearly anyone—whether they’re having hors d’oeuvres or a full meal—crave more while being immensely happy.


Online ordering is not presently possible on their stuck-in-the-nineties website, but you can email them at for ordering information.

Recently added to the arsenal: Fried shrimp breading, southern fried fish breading, blackened tilapia seasoning, baked chicken seasoning, and smoke n honey french fry seasoning. We can’t wait to try these new toppings soon!

Honey Fried Chicken Breading comes in 10-oz. bags.