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Product Review: Navitas Naturals--Health Foods That Won't Scare You Off

After baking with, cooking with, and even looking at Navitas Naturals products, I can say with confidence that they are unique, high quality, and kind of awesome. Like many folks, we at ETR have always been a little wary of all the so-called health foods out there. With stores full of non-FDA-approved supplements, the FDA itself rife with controversy, and vegan, raw, gluten-free, grain-free, dairy-free, organic, and local health food nuts accosting us at every turn, where is one to go?

Navitas Naturals isn’t scary. Their beautiful packaging and not-overly-pretentious product line has a variety of accessible and unique products that just seem, well, so much better than everything else. With products ranging from dried mulberries to lucuma powder (that’s a Peruvian fruit), anyone can take the plunge and try things out. And you know what? Adding hemp seeds and dried fruit to your yogurt isn’t actually scary.

Health food freaks and normal eaters alike will be thrilled with their diverse offerings and bright, well-labeled packaging that includes a back window so one can see the actual product. The dried dragonfruit is a gorgeous dark pink; the mulberries an unexpected white; and the chia seeds a rich black.

We snacked on many of the Navitas products raw (because, quite frankly, they’re quite good and don’t taste like that slightly detestable wheat germ your mother used to sneak feed you), but these products are easy to mix in to your daily cooking. I made fruit and oats granola and threw in their hemp seeds, chia seeds, and low-glycemic-index coconut sugar. Sprinkled with some dried cranberries, raisins, and sultanas, we had a breakfast and snack that the whole family enjoyed. And how nutritious it is! These superfoods are sealed USDA Organic and just don’t have the additives everything else in the store has. In fact, no one in the family could tell they were eating extra nutrients---but they did like the crunch of all those healthful seeds.

This is clean eating at its best. Navitas Naturals showed they’re high quality and mean business. Their products more than stand up for themselves, and we at ETR are eating healthier because of them!


Most products are sold, bagged, in 3oz-16oz. sizes. Products are available directly on their website, or online through national retailers.

Prices range from $5.99 to $29.99 for rare dried fruits, mixes, cocoa products, and more.

Visit Navitas Naturals online at