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Product Review: La Gallinara Imported Spreads, Creams, and Pestos

For a special savory treat, you might want to (once again) look to Italy. The amazing gourmet products coming from this country never fail to disappoint—though the food in the country itself doesn’t blow me away too often. Still, for canned goods, no country measures up to the standards of Italia.

 Spreads minus breads. The artichoke garlic cream (top) is best!

These products were given to me by some lovely Italian ladies I met at the International Restaurant & Foodservice Show of New York. These products come from Liguria and are made in a coastal town not too far from Genoa (where I was just a few months ago!). Ingredients are listed in both Italian and English, making it much easier to decipher what is so tantalizing about these cans of goodness.

I was given an olive spread, a green pesto, and an artichoke garlic cream. While the tapenade and pesto were tasty, what really stopped me in my tracks was this surprisingly tangy, creamy artichoke garlic spread. I had to have more.


Made with just five ingredients—artichokes, olive oil, garlic, cahews, and extra virgin olive oil—this product works wonderfully as a dip, spread on bread, baked onto meat or fish, thinned with olive oil over pasta, and more. I just keep craving it. It’s that good! So next time you’re in an Italian imports store, don’t pass this simple white bottle labled “Crema all’ aglio” up. It houses a sweet and savory garlic crème that packs zest into each little bottle.


La Gallinara sells olives, tapenades, creams, sauces, and pestos in 130 gram jars. All products are imported from Italy.

Visit for more details.


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