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Goldbaum's Natural Food Co.: Gluten-Free Rice Crackers that Don't Remind You of Anything Good

When the owner of Goldbaum’s Natural Food Co. discovered that I reviewed gourmet food products, he immediately asked me to review his rice crackers. Not only did he follow up with a phone call and email, he actually came to my house to drop off the products. Perhaps it is because of this that I wish this review wasn’t so painful.

The crackers are just not good. More specifically, they’re actually hard to get down. A bit of background: They’re gluten-free, all natural, and kosher rice crisps. Sorry folks, but gluten-free usually means that it doesn’t taste great. It’s true, and everyone knows it. Yes, there are many efforts being made out there to create tasty, just-like-the-real thing foods that are safe for those with Celiac’s or allergies. And sometimes imitations just don’t work, and it tastes completely different. I’ve had both good and bad gluten-free items, and these crackers go in the bad category.

The Crispinis and Rice Crisps were almost waxy to the touch, and, unlike any cracker product I’ve had before, gave an almost slimy feel as they went down the throat. The tastes were barely reminiscent of anything palatable, though the sweet chili flavor tried to cover up the texture. Points go to giving gluten-free eaters a crunch, and having a healthy baked-not-fried philosophy, but there is little else that I can positively say about these crackers. I feel bad about such a harsh review, but I have to stay true to writing honest reviews. So unless you’re in a desperate situation or have been dared to follow some kind of cruel eating regimen, do not buy these snacks.

Goldbaum's zesty rice cracker snacks come in 3.7oz and 1.2oz packages. Flavors include Plain, Salt & Black Pepper, Sweet Chili, Garlic, and more.

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