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Cal Sun-Dry Tomatoes: How a Fruit So Good For You Has Been Turned Into A Calorie-Loaded Product That's So Much Tastier


These are, in my opinion, the best sun-dried tomatoes, packed with herbs and oil, that I’ve ever had in my life. Well now, you ask, just how many products are in this category? More than you’d think, actually. There’s Victoria, Mama Rosa, Ronzoni even, and many more. And none compare to the addictive savory-ness of Cal Sun-Dry. Sour, sweet, peppery, and potent, these oily treats pack a punch. To be honest, I can eat them plain, popping one julienned piece after another into my mouth. For the more health-conscious, try tossing slivers and fresh mozzarella balls with warm rotini. Or, try dicing them, combining with a mince of sweet sausage, and spreading on bread. Any way you try them, these slivers of heaven are the best you’re going to find out there.

The company makes other products, a few of which I've tasted, but none compare. You simply must try these little bits of heaven.

Cal Sun-Dry is attractively packaged but not easy to find. Try Wegman’s, Hannaford, or a local specialty food store/gourmet shop. You can even email the company owner, who will personally tell you how to find Cal Sun-Dry in your area. Delicious.

California Sun-Dried Julienne Cut Tomatoes in Oil (with herbs)

Sold in 8- and 16-oz. jars

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