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Oogie's Gourmet Popcorn: Unpleasantness in a Bag

I was excited to finally taste a small, all-natural company’s version of popcorn. With exciting flavors such as “Spicy Chipotle and Lime,” “Smoked Gouda,” “Romano & Pesto,” and more, I dug in. After tasting their popcorn, I’m afraid that the nicest thing I can say is how pleasant the Oogie’s representatives were. Okay, and they also have a nicely-done site. But the popcorn, my friends, shouldn’t it be all about the popcorn? This stuff was not good. Stale-tasting, far too chewy, sticky, and flavorless, in my book this snack food managed to fail in almost every way. I thought perhaps I was tasting a flavor that had been sitting out too long (I tasted the product at a food trade show). But my qualms were quickly dispelled when, while chatting with the representatives, they kept refilling the sample bowls with new bags of popcorn. So maybe…maybe it’s supposed to taste like this? Sorry folks, but this popcorn is only getting a vote on my bad list. Better luck next time.

5-oz. bags

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