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Plush Puffs Marshmallows: Quality Sweetness


Real marshmallows are often hit-or-miss. I’ve mostly had only bad ones—marshmallows with fancy packaging, high-quality ingredients, and a somewhat high price tag. And they taste good enough to be thrown out. I don’t think I’m the only one to hold this opinion. So when I tested Plush Puffs, I was prepared for another bad experience. Imagine my surprise in finding Plush Puffs at the New York Fancy Foods Show, booth workers there to skewer any flavor (Key Lime Sublime, Kona Coffee Crunch, Chocolate Chipetta, etc.) and give to you to “roast” over small flames. And imagine my further surprise when-yes-I actually liked it! My Caramel Swirl all melted in my mouth, warmed by the flame and melding the gooey caramel with the sweet fluff, forming a wonderfully cozy sensation. Need I say more?

3.5oz. bags

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