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Upcoming: The 5th Annual C-CAP Junior Benefit – A Taste of Fall

UPCOMING: The 5th Annual C-CAP Junior Benefit – A Taste of Fall

WHEN: Monday, November 11th, 2013, from 6:30-9:00PM

WHERE: Ginny’s Supper Club, 310 Lenox Ave, New York, NY 10027

Once again, the Careers through Culinary Arts Program (C-CAP) junior committee has put together a lovely evening of food, spirits, and more in order to raise money for underprivileged teens across the country. With rigorous training from professional chefs, these young adults thrive and end up winning scholarships to the most prestigious cooking schools in the country. Many of them eventually become chefs and executive chefs at established restaurants across the country, and several of them will be cooking for you Monday night.

Once again I’ll be photographing the event, during which guests can eat, drink, bid on exciting auctions at the silent auction, listen to live music, and talk with current and past C-CAP students (who will, as usual, be helping out with prep and plating).

Tickets are still on sale for $150, with sponsorship levels available at levels of $500, $1,000, $2,500, or $5,000. Contact Amy Wickstein at or 212. 974.7111 to purchase tickets or ask questions; tickets can also be purchased online here.

See their Facebook page for the official invite, and hopefully we’ll see you there!


News: No New York Chocolate Show in 2013

For reasons as yet undisclosed, there is no chocolate show this year. 

Normally, the New York Chocolate Show--the largest chocolate-themed food show in America--takes place during a chilly weekend in November in NYC's Metropolitan Pavilion. For undisclosed reasons, however, there is no show for 2013.

The official chocolate show website says the show will be back bigger than ever in 2014, so until then, steal some more Halloween candy from your kids' bags. Sorry, but that's all the advice we can offer at the moment.



Upcoming: The Tri-State Food Expo

The Tri-State Food Expo is a brand-new trade show coming to Seacaucus, New Jersey, this October 1-2, 2013. Held in the Meadowlands Exposition Center, it will showcase educational sessions, cooking demonstrations, unique new products. Oh, and a huge floor filled with manufactures, equipment, and food! Attendees include full-service and fast food restaurants, coffee and ice cream shops, caterers, bakeries, bars, casino personnel, caterers and club owners, motel management, and more. Much like the International Restaurant & Foodservice Show, this tradeshow is for foodservice and retail profesionals. 

Starbucks and Whole Foods branding expert John Moore will be the keynote speaker, and chefs and mixologists will conduct fun presentations for all to see.

Registration ranges from $20-60 depending on date and member status.

The Tri-State Food Expo at the Meadowlands Exposition Center, Seacausus, NJ

Tuesday, October 1st from 10am-5pm

Wednesday, October 2nd from 10am-4PM



Event Review: The 2013 Fancy Food Show in New York 

The 2013 Fancy Food Show (June 30th, July 1st, & July 2nd) was the biggest show yet, with three huge floors of the Javits Center filled with olive tapenades, truffle salts, cured pork nibbles, flavored marshmallows, craft beer, heritage quinoa, and so much more. From big-name companies serving up steak sandwiches and co-ops from Jordan cooking up herbed couscous to small start-ups serving dressings and restaurant-catered after parties, there was quite a lot of, well, food. A small sampling of the foods available at the show

Companies, food publications, and web journalists often create pre-determined lists of “food trends,” but rather than copy theirs, Eat This Review instead looked first-hand at the 2013 food scene. Of particular notice:

-Sweet Crisps, Brownie Thins, and Cookie Chips: In an effort to make sweet snacking more guilt-free for women (well, presumably that’s the marketing strategy…), the show was filled with thin cookies, thin brownie “chips,” and other sweet snacks in not-just-out-of-the-oven formats. Hint: While clever, they did not taste anything like the real deal. The chefs of the Ovelia Psistaria serve their incredible melty feta cubes

-Italian food is never not popular: Despite there always being plenty of new foods to explore, Italy, with their never-new, always-classic, 100+ booths of old Italian food wonders, remained the most popular sections around town. Though most sold just a few items—parmesan wheels, olive oils, special cuts of pork—they were always packed.

-Vegan and gluten-free are stronger than ever: Even foods that have nothing to do with gluten have been labeling their packages more and more with the GF or Vegan stamp of approval. It’s spread worldwide—and kosher, vegetarian, and GMO-free are also of utmost concern to consumers.

-Small-batch spreads, sauces, and pairings: Who says small business is dead? Small food makers showed their love and commitment with excellent pure butters, curry mixes, artisanal ketchups, jams, candies, and even maple-candy-and-bleu-cheese pairings. It’s also lovely to talk to small businesses who are in this for love, not money. Marcus Samuelsson inspires the audience at the sofi Awards

The sofi Awards, which took place on Monday night, was held in the big underground hall. With host Marcus Samuelsson donating his $10,000 speaker’s fee to City Harvest (which ETR is proud to have volunteered many times for), it was certainly a lovely night. The stage and live music was set up beautifully, with the excited nominees walking a red carpet in, and winners actually crying on stage, it was a fun time for all. 

The sofi Awards afterparty featured quite the feast. In the center of the halls stood a 5’-tall edible sofi statue, dishes from local restaurants, and foods using some of the products that had been nominated. Most memorable—and in fact, probably the most delicious item tasted throughout the three days, was Ovelia Psistaria Bar’s fried feta cubes. Cheese chunks crusted in a tangy bi-colored sesame seed batter was drizzled with European Monastari honey (and served alongside brisket and a cold chickpea salad). These little feta cubes that melted once bit into were absolutely incredible. ETR had more than, say, a few. Melting cheese in a different way

On the other side of the afterparty hall, Italy Pasta was lighting a hollowed-out cheese wheel on fire, then pouring la Rustichella Tartuffi truffled risotto inside to mix with the melting cheese. Uh, awesome.

All in all, the Fancy Food Show was an enormous success, ETR is looking forward to reviewing more specialty foods found through the passionate people of the food show. Until next year, eat up! Several winners on stage at the sofi Awards


Upcoming: The 2013 Summer Fancy Food Show, Back in NYC!

It's back, and it's bad. In a good way, of course. After being held for two years in Washington, D.C., the Fancy Food Show is back in New York City! The Javits Center was undergoing renovations for those two long years, and though the D.C. convention was nice (albeit a bit far away), we're all glad to have it back home.

And to come back with a bang, the 2013 show will be the biggest one ever. Expect over 80 countries to be exhibiting, along with exciting new food products, displays from New York Pride, and much more. After spending last year abroad, to say the Eat This Review gang is excited is an understatement.

Marcus Samuellsson will be hosting the sofi Awards presentation on Monday night, where we'll be sure to update you with the photos and food tips from the event.


See you at the Javits Center soon! Registration is open here.

The 2013 NASFT Fancy Food Show

Jacob Javits Center, New York, NY

Sunday, June 30th (9AM-5PM)

Monday, July 1st

Tuesday, July 2nd (9AM-4PM)