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Upcoming: Culinary Fight Night NYC 

Buy your tickets for a food fight event at an undisclosed location. Know you'll get a six-course tasting menu, an open bar, and a night of entertainment. Head to a clandestine location the evening of the event, and watch chefs compete live for a judging panel--while cooking for an audience of 80. What is it? Why, it's Culinary Fight Night, of course! 

Culinary Fight Night
 pits two chefs against each other in a live, 3-course, head-to-head battle staged in a regulation-size boxing ring. Each chef has a sous-chef at his side to help cook an appetizer, entrée, and dessert using three secret ingredients. These bonus ingredients range from Lap Xoung (Chinese sausage) to Lucky Charms to cuttlefish ink. It’s never not exciting!

You might say that Culinary Fight Night seems to be copying Chopped, but in fact founder Walt Henderson started CFN in Atlanta many years ago—before Chopped and similar shows existed. Also, this live “show” has the added stress of cooking for a live audience. Downstairs in the kitchen of the restaurant where the event is held, a team of 6-10 more chefs (along with the competing chefs before and in between dishes) are busy preparing mini versions of each dish to serve to an audience of more than 80. As you can imagine, it gets pretty hectic both in the kitchen and on the floor. But what matters most is not what the paying audience members think: It’s what the panel of five judges feel that ultimately determines the winner. Of course, since I get backstage passes to eat all of the food, am I not the winner as well? No, because the real winner gets $1,500 for themselves and $1,500 for a charity of their choice. Winners advance after each round and eventually compete in the March 2014 finals, where one will win $10,000. Not bad, not bad at all. Of course, audience members need to go into this mini eat-a-thon knowing that the dishes are partially experimental. Odd secret ingredients can make for odd dishes, so have an open mouth and mind when signing up.

Culinary Fight Night is incredibly fun, incredibly busy, and incredibly delicious. With 3 preliminary rounds from December and January already completed, only one spot remains for the semi-final round. Hope to see you there!



The last preliminary round will take place in Manhattan on Tuesday, February 18th. The semi-finals start February 24th, and the final is one month later. 

Tickets range from $120-$200 and can be purchased here.