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Event Review: The 2013 International Restaurant & Foodservice Show of New York 

In Early March the International Restaurant & Foodservice Show of New York enjoyed three days of educating, handing out free samples, and generally making the Tri-State area a fatter place. The press-only tasting menu
At this first-of-the-year food show we watched food competitions, tasted everything from cheese pizza to Japanese noodles in shiso broth, and had opportunities to attend informational sessions and network with food professionals.

One of the the winning sculptures in the U.S. Pastry Competition
One of the highlights this year was an ETR first—a press tasting of the U.S. Pastry Competition’s entries. With unlimited champagne, attentive service, and a private seating area, one could order up a dozen-plus samplings of the very cakes the judges were tasting just feet away. My favorite was a non-chocolate cake filled with layers of mango, strawberry, and lime gelees, alternating with biscuits, creams, and mousses. There were about five different slices on my table, so when the slice with hazelnut ganache and chocolate cream filling came around, there was no way to eat more than a bite or two before passing out in a sugar coma.

Old favorites such as Urbani Truffles were there, along with new products such as hot and spicy Indian jams, stuffed sausages, and fried garlic in chili sauce. A few days was enough to do us in, but I went for all three days to meet contacts and prepare my stomach for the coming year.

Until the Fancy Food Show in June-July, eat happy.