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About the Site:

Welcome to Eat This Review!

ETR is an independently run site all about food-related events, restaurant openings, gourmet products, and regional specialties across the world. Made for both the connoisseur and the casual foodie—and everywhere in between—ETR seeks to give readers delicious and interested food news and reviews written in an informative and witty light.

There are already tons of food blogs out there dedicated to everyday restaurants, weird sections of food towns, or tiny shops. They’re all great—don’t get me wrong—but I wanted to do something different. I therefore came up with the things I always wanted to see written about: First, where do I find news about the best events in town, be they food festivals, international show, openings, or publicity parties? Secondly, how do I know whether or not to try the thousands of gourmet foods available in stores, online, or internationally? And lastly, why don’t I know the specialties of various states and areas in the U.S.?

Eat This Review sets out to answer all these questions with three main categories: Events, Products, and Regional Foods. Send your food, food product, or review idea to, or go to the Contact Us page for more information.


Kathryn Cooper, Editor-in-Chief:

As a Food Network freelancer, teaching chef for NYC nonprofits, food product inventor, photographer, and restaurant reviewer, Kathryn Cooper thinks about food nearly all day, every day. She started ETR years ago--before the proliferation of food blogs--with the goal to bring readers fun news and reviews from the wonderful world of food. Whether meeting small business owners in Malaysia or creating footage for the Cooking Channel, she loves discussing food all day long. While she doesn't claim to know it all, she continues to craft honest reviews for those who can handle the criticism. After multiple trips and work stints in Asia, she is particularly interested in Asian fusion cuisines, direct-to-consumer foods, and product innovation. Think your product is up for the test? Get details here.

Vic Leung, West Coast Photographer & Videographer:

From local dance companies to national nonprofits, Vic has captured it all on film. With clients including everyone from private chefs to Time Out LA, he has climbed snow-capped mountains, gone on national tours, and passed through dangerous border crossings just to get the right photograph. Possible LA's biggest eater, it's not uncommon for Vic to photograph Korean food for a magazine in LA, go for a swim in the ocean, run barefoot in Hollywood, videotape rock climbing in the desert, and drive to Las Vegas for a tech show all in a day's time. He eats nearly as much as he documents, but truly looks forward to any opportunity in learning about healthy, eco-friendly, and fair-trade food.

Jeff Carton, East Coast Videographer & Photographer:

Jeff is a full-time shooter and editor based in Brooklyn, NY, but he's equally passionate about all things Scandanavia, coffee, travel, and food. Most recently, he worked as the Assistant Editor and Photographer on Watchers of the Sky, a Sundance 2014 award-winning feature documentary released June 2014. In his previous work for the Travel Channel, Jeff shot footage everywhere from Brazil to India, enjoying local delicacies (and coffee) along the way. Though he's often busy chowing down at Shake Shack or watching over the cats he plays godfather to, he loves exploring NYC's endless food scenes.

Timothy Cooper, Contributor/Taste Tester Extraordinaire:

Whether it comes to writing about it, editing it, eating it, or interviewing the pros about it, Timothy Cooper is the one to turn to when in food doubt. An award-winning writer and editor for national publications including Food & Wine, Tasting Table, and Everyday with Rachael Ray, he thinks about food in his sleep. On the off chance that he's not eating, he teaches screenwriting and writes for comedy, sci-fi, and drama series. When the ETR team needs a third opinion or creative users for a product we're testing, Timothy is the taste taster to turn to. Say that three times fast, and let him know what he can eat next.